Cover Letter

Cover letter sample for Beginner Tech job

Below is the simplest cover letter you should have. Ten minutes invested per cover letter to personalize it – will get you a job. If you apply without a cover letter you won’t. Cover letters get jobs not resumes and please use a spell checker and grammar.


EMAIL SUBJECT: Network Technician Position Application  {Have right subject}


Dear Mr. Broadus: {have the right name}


This email is in regards to my interest in applying for the Network Technician position {Get the right position}    recently posted  through XXXXX. While browsing the Company webpage I came across your Information System Development page and found it quite informative. {Take a few minutes to read and personalize this paragraph for them} The techniques and services provided Company range across a wide and impressive spectrum. I am impressed by the multitude of  publications and case studies published which demonstrate how Company is a leader in  network security. With my skills, knowledge, and flexibility I am able to establish and maintain your network system.


During my studies at XXXX College, {Mentioned what you learned briefly here} I have had the opportunity to hone my skills in database systems, networking administration and information security. With this knowledge I am able to operate in Windows and Linux environment and comprehend system optimization and security principals. Inside the classroom I have committed myself to academic excellence. Outside the classroom, I helped set up the Kids in Technology and Science Project at our school, which introduced elementary and middle school students to digital animation and personal computers. My three years as a member of the International Development Club on campus has helped connect me to students of different backgrounds and function as an inclusive  and supportive group. {Add some related interest like above}


I am currently available for an interview scheduled at the convenience of Company. I have  attached my resume detailing academic knowledge and technical skill. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position with Company and provide you with further information.


Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. I look forward to talking with you soon,


Curtis Jackson

Phone# {Add contact info again}




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